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Femundlabben 9214 9214
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Shoes that are designed for mushers. As warm as the famous Nesnalobben, but the shoes have round upper toe for better to fit inside overboots. Reinforcing leather at the bottom of the sole and "closed" front so that the tongue does not turn out to the side and this prevents snow entering the shoe. Solid wool felt with slick lining on the inside. Femundlabben has Femund Race logo on the outside of shoes and ribbons with dog paws!

The soles are the same as on Nesnalobben, but Femundlabben have less space inside because of its design. Therefore, we recommend going up 3 sizes from what you usually wear in winter shoes. Dog Mushers and others that wants to have several pairs of wool socks inside, we recommend to order at least 3 sizes higher.

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