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Røroslabben red 9412
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Røroslabben RED

We have developed Røroslabben with cold Norwegian winter weather in mind. Wool felt shoes are a good, old tradition both in Norway and the northern part of the world. The wool's excellent properties in terms of both dry and wet insulation are difficult to imitate. The inside of Røroslabben shoes has a lightweight cotton / synthetic lining to increase the wear resistance, but as the materials breathe you will stay warm and dry. 

Røroslabben is a lightweight shoe of wool felt and fluffy lining of 50% cotton and 50% synthetic inside. Available in red and grey: Size 34-47. The shoes should be sprayed with waterproofing for fabrics before use and otherwise from time to time. This makes them a little more water repellant, but they are still not suitable for use in slush and wet conditions. For example, use Fiber Pro Tector waterproofing spray.  Normal in size.

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